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A sin soaked story filled with fast cars and fiendish music. No man could tame her and no band control her lust for that wild rockabilly music.

Working by night, sleeping by day....

when the sun went down it was time to sink into the concrete jungle's juke-joints, filled with the now sounds of sinister rockabilly and untamed rock 'n' roll.

She's a kitten with a taste for wild music, brandishing a rockabilly whip. Her thirst for frantic sounds drives her deeper in the sinister underworld of SIN CITY.


Brigitte's unique vocal qualities have been described as deep, dark and sultry, yet be warned - this red hot mama can belt out some mean, kick-ass rockabilly to bring crowds to the dance floor and the world to it's knees! Listening to rockabilly from an early age Brigitte fell in love with the untamed sounds of Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent. Forming her first rockabilly band at the age of 16 she has never looked back. Playing gigs throughout Australia, she has earned a strong reputation for being one hell of an entertainer.

Off stage her interests include theatre, fashion, pin-up art and films from the Classic Hollywood era. Brigitte formed the band RED HOT & BLUE in July of 1998 for the 'Rockabilly Deluxe Tour', taking in a large part of New South Wales, Australia. The only band with a real wild rockabilly kitten, RED HOT & BLUE received such rave reviews that they decided to continue gigging and have been doing so since. The release of the debut EP "Brigitte Handley, RED HOT & BLUE" proved be to a huge success, selling out at their shows for the 1999 Wintersun Festival in Queensland, Australia.

Deciding to further advance her career Brigitte decided to take to the States in April 2000. Teaming up with some of America's top musicians she screamed and wailed her path across America.

Stylistically Brigitte draws influence from mid 50's rockabilly and 40's swing. Shake that up with a healthy serving of psychobilly and punk and audiences are in for a musical and visual treat. The first stop in the states was Jackson, Tennessee where she was invited to represent Australia at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame Premier.

Brigitte spent a few days in Memphis, exploring the various rockabilly icons such as Sun Studios, before flying off to appear in the Viva Las Vegas 2000 Festival. Backed there by her American band 'The Sin City Sinners', Brigitte took control of the stage, rockin' flat out & knocking the unsuspecting audience off their feet.

After the fun in Vegas, Brigitte and 'The Sin City Sinners' made a handfull of hard & fast appearances around Los Angeles & San Diego, leaving the crowds screaming for more.

Brigitte's whirlwind tour has left Americans wondering what hit them... Where did that wild & crazy chick come from?